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The highly anticipated Biker DLC has finally been released for Grand Theft Auto V as a free update for all platforms; this update has been expected since July and the rumors surrounding the contents appear to have been correct.

Players can now form Motorcycle Clubs of up to eight players where players have different ranks within the club and can compete in unique MC related challenges; the President of the club is the leader and they have the ability to promote other players within their club to different roles which are all unique.

Each MC has their own base called a Clubhouse which can be purchased and upgraded; there are 12 different locations to select from and each club contains a number of rooms with different purposes. Presidents can use the Meeting Room to start new missions for the Club to take on and each Club earns money from a variety of ways. There are several types of businesses that players can set-up for their Club to deal with and each one comes with limitations and rewards.

A bike themed Adversary Mode was also included in the update; Slipstream has a team of players work together to reach the finish line first. The mode is played on bikes and takes advantage of the new bike based melee combat that has been added to the game. This tactical mode is a great place to show off the new motorcycles, clothing, tattoos and melee weapons that have been added to the game in this update.

As a special bonus, Rockstar is hosting a Bonus Week starting from October 10th which will be filled with discounts on in-game purchases and plenty of special rewards.