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Recently a new spout of rumors surrounding the next Grand Theft Auto game have claimed that Rockstar is no longer working on a new GTA game. According to these rumors, the developer is now entirely focused on Grand Theft Auto V and is currently working on more DLC for the game instead.

Despite these new rumors, there are still claims that Rockstar is actively working on GTA6 but the location rumors are still extremely varied. It’s difficult to know exactly which set of rumors are true right now considering that Rockstar still hasn’t commented on the future of the series.

Earlier this year the owner of Rockstar, 2K Games, released their annual fiscal report which revealed that the developer was currently working on two new projects. The company believed that these two games would be well received and sell a high number of copies. It’s unknown when these projects will be released and Rockstar still hasn’t officially revealed them.

Fans currently believe that these games are GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2; there are few other games developed by Rockstar that would fit what 2K Games stated in their report. It is possible however that the developer is still working on Agent which was first revealed several years ago but has since disappeared, 2K Games has just renewed the license on the game also.

There are currently many rumors about the development of GTA 6 and most of them all state that Rockstar is currently working on the game; it’s also public information that the developer is working on two new projects right now.

Details about these two mysterious games should be revealed soon and if the company has cancelled or delayed GTA 6 then this should be evident by 2018.