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The Android world has gone into frenzy when Nougat was officially released on August. Naturally, Nexus flagship phones as well as its newer models were the first units to get the update. Those who are on non-Nexus devices are eagerly waiting for their OEMs to roll out Nougat, while those who are on older handsets are still waiting for confirmation on whether they’d get it or not.

Fortunately, for those who own the Nexus 9 LTE, Google has already confirmed that this device will receive Android Nougat and that the rollout will start in a few weeks. However, the tech giant did not explain why this delay has occurred, and it didn’t a time frame for the release so we don’t know exactly when the Nexus 9 LTE will get the Nougat update.

It’s important to note, though, that the Nexus 6 has already received the Nougat update. Nexus 6 also had a delayed rollout, so the fact that it has already received Nougat means that the rollout for Nexus 9 may also be near.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for Nexus devices. The three-year-old Nexus 7, for example, will reportedly not get Android Nougat. If you own this device, you can either upgrade to a newer phone or use a custom ROM to get Nougat on your phone.

If you opt for the latter, you’ll want to use the custom ROM created by DevSwift1, zaclimon, and parrotgeek1, who are developers from The custom ROM is mostly stable, and the developers assure that audio, sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, photo and video recording, video playback, and GPU acceleration are all working properly in the build. The only problem seems to the low-quality 1080p video recording, although this might be fixed in later versions.

Before installing this custom ROM, you’ll need to download an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery tool in your phone. You’ll also want to create a backup of your data to avoid losing your files. Once you’ve taken these steps, read this guide to know how you can download and install the Nougat custom ROM in your Nexus 7.

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