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With so many major and highly publicized operating systems for mobiles and notebooks and what have you like Android or iOS or Windows, it’s easy to forget that there are other operating systems out there, on various devices. Some of them are outdated or have been rendered obsolete but there are still many users across the world that use them extensively.

Chances are that if you have something like Symbian OS on your device, then that device is probably completely outdated. Still, WhatsApp is not one to shy away from these old platforms and is quite dedicated to bringing its messaging services to as many people as possible.

As a result, the company has already launched WhatsApp version for mobiles that run the Java app and that version will work on those phones even if they don’t have one of the major operating systems.

The app is also now available for Nokia Asha 200, 501, 305 and many others and it can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp site.

Here are the requirements for installing WhatsApp on Nokia Asha:

  1. Download the zip file on a computer and extract the WhatsApp file.
  2. Transfer the file from the computer to the smartphone via an USB cable.
  3. Afterwards, you will have to go to the options tab on your device.
  4. Click the Update option and it will automatically update your Java version on the mobile.
  5. It is essential to have your device connected to the Internet for the update to happen, otherwise you will not be able to move forward with the installation.
  6. After the update is done, WhatsApp will also be installed.
  7. Also during this time, your mobile WhatsApp will be synched to your WhatsApp contacts.
  8. This step also requires an uninterrupted connection to the internet.