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WhatsApp developers designed the app solely for smartphones. However, with a little ingenuity, it can be installed on an Android tablet. Would you like to have your Android tablet to have the WhatsApp app installed on it using its mobile number?

It really isn’t that difficult to do – you just need the latest WhatsApp APK file downloaded from the official store. Before you can install it, however, you need to allow the tablet to accept the file. Go to your tablet’s “Settings” and “Security” and enable “Unknown Sources.” This will let you download third-party apps and files that are not available in the Google Play store.

After you have installed the app, be sure you uncheck the box. Launch WhatsApp and tap in the mobile number. Most tablets don’t have a SIM card, which means you need to use the “Call Me” option. You’ll receive a call on the smartphone where you’ll be provided with a verification code that lets you verify the account.
Since the number is used for the tablet, you will be unable to use the app on the smartphone – one device per number.

Should your Android device come with a SIM card, there will be no issues with the installation. You’ll get an SMS text with code right to the tablet.

Use BlueStacks To Install The WhatsApp App On Your Nexus 7 Device

Once you’ve installed the BlueStacks program onto your device, you need to download the newest APK file from WhatsApp and the SRT AppGuard APK file – a tool that provides permission for Internet access for WhatsApp.

Connect the tablet to a computer, copying both APK files over to the SD card. Right click the WhatsApp APK file on the PC. Choose “Open with BlueStacks APK Installer,” which adds and installs the App to BlueStacks. After that, you’ll need to install both the SRT AppGuard and WhatsApp on the tablet.

You don’t want to start the WhatsApp app just yet.

Instead, open the SRT AppGuard and head to the main menu. Choose Secure a new app where you’ll find the WhatsApp listed. Click on it then OK.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to edit WhatsApp permission for the Nexus 7. You do this through the AppGuard menu. Choose Manage Your Secure apps and choose WhatsApp. Unclick the Read Phone Status and Identify. Start the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.

Under the My Apps menu, click twice on the WhatsApp icon and hit Agree and continue. You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number. You won’t get an SMS code but a phone call. Enter the code to have it verified.