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It was announced earlier this year that there were no plans to bring The Sims 4 to console any time soon which has destroyed most fans hopes of playing the game; if this game is not released on console then this will be the first main game in The Sims series to never be released for PlayStation or Xbox.

This decisions seems to have been made due to the low sales of The Sims 4; the developers had previously stated that the success or failure of the game would effect the future of the series. In addition to this, rumors soon began which claimed that the low sales would also mean that the game wouldn’t be released for consoles.

So while it looks like The Sims 4 may not be released for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, there could still be hope for the life simulation series. According to recent rumors, the developers intend to begin development on the next game in the series very soon and various reports have suggested what fans can expect to see from the next game.

The legitimacy of these reports is a little uncertain however, some new reports suggest that the developers are still focusing on The Sims 4 and plan to continue creating new DLC for the game. The upcoming The Sims 4 DLC is a costly but large expansion that takes players into the city and there is some suggestion that the developers have plans for another large expansion.

It seems unlikely now that The Sims 4 will receive a console version; instead, the developer will focus on expanding the game for the PC. Some fans believe that the developers have not completely rejected the idea so it is possible there will be a console release in the future.