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Do you want to install WhatsApp on older Samsung phones?

The process is almost similar with just a few differences. In some models, the steps are a bit complicated, but nothing you can’t do in a matter of minutes.

How to download and install WhatsApp

  • On the Samsung Galaxy S series, and lower-end Samsung Java mobile phones
  1. From your Samsung device, visit Google Play Store, then type WhatsApp in the search box.
  2. Click on it to download the app, and wait for the installation to complete.

This process is similar to downloading and installing other Android apps, such as Facebook Lite and Instagram. In the event that you don’t have Play Store in your smartphone, there’s a different set of steps that you can use.

  • Download WhatsApp APK file
  1. Visit WhatsApp’s official website to download the APK file. Avoid downloading anywhere else, as the files may contain a virus.
  2. Once downloaded, install the WhatsApp APK file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once done, start using WhatsApp to send messages or files, or make phone calls for free.

How to download and install WhatsApp

  • On Samsung mobiles running Bada OS
  1. Download the WhatsApp Jar and Jad files into your Java mobile phones.
  2. Another alternative would be to use a PC to download the file, and then transfer to your mobile phones.
  3. Locate the downloaded files, install and run either the WhatsApp Jar or Jad file.
  4. You can then start to enjoy WhatsApp on Your Java or Bada OS Phone.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that allows you to chat, send messages and make phone calls for free, as long as you’re connected online, and from one device to another. For instance, you can send a chat message from your mobile phone to a WhatsApp installed in a PC.

So create a WhatsApp account today and start saying “What’s Up?” to friends and family.