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Two months ago, it was confirmed that the Android 7.0 would be called Nougat. However, everybody is starting to wonder when the Nougat will be available to use.

No official word from Google on its timing but the thought that it’s going to be sooner rather than later. According to Evan Blass, a highly-regarded tipster, noted via Twitter that Android’s newest version would come out in August and that it would be available with the company’s latest security patch.

Many Twitter users noted that, after downloading and installing the patch, they were not upgraded to Nougat automatically. And, Blass confirmed that just downloading the patch wouldn’t install Nougat on people’s devices.

His prediction for an August release goes along with the “late summer” release date Google talked about during the I/O Conference, which occurred May 18 to May 20. Of course, late summer may also mean September.

Whatever the case may be, Android Nougat is going to be released sooner than later. After all, the beta testing is almost done, and the Developer Preview 5 is available and in final release stage. So, unless the company feels it needs additional improvement, chances are it’ll be made available in the next four months.

Like other Android updates, Nougat won’t hit all devices immediately. There will be a gradual roll out to phones like the Android Marshmallow was. However, with the Nougat, you’ll see an array of new features such as multi-language support, virtual reality capability and Google Camera 4.1.

According to Blass, not all devices will be Nougat-compatible such as the Google Nexus 5 phones. Of course, this could change.