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The new messaging service from Google, Allo comes with artificial intelligence which means that its users can also communicate with chatbots. This feature works both on Android and on iOS.

How does this actually work? The Allo messaging service has an AI at its core that can suggest answers for messages sent by your contacts. For example, if somebody sends you a picture of something adorable like a puppy or a kitty, the AI function will suggest that you respond with either a ‘Oh, cute’ message or with an appropriate emoji.

But this is not all, the AI can also observe patters in how you respond to certain messages and suggest a similar response whenever you receive that type of message. It’s pretty impressive, right?

That means that if you usually answer ‘Oh, I wish I had one’ to every cute pet pic, then Allo will suggest that every time those pictures are sent to you.

The AI function also enables users to interrogate it about the latest movies or nearby restaurants whenever they type ‘@google’. It can also be used to find get daily news updates or information about traffic situations, sports results and more importantly, weather forecast, which is very necessary in certain situations.

The Allo messaging system also offers its users other functionalities such as sending emojis (which is very standard), stickers and it even has a paint option that enables you to draw whatever you want on pictures.

Another very interesting feature of the Allo messaging service is that all of the messages sent through it will be stored on Google servers and that they can be read by Google’s algorithms. However, they will only be stored on the servers until users decide to delete them.

Later on, Google representatives went on to say that they will temporarily store the messages sent via Allo.

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