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As the name suggests, Messenger Lite is the lightweight version of Facebook Messenger. It is supposed to use only a small amount of data, loads quickly and performs much faster than its predecessor. It is highly recommended for people with poor network connection or phones that use 2G Networks. And you can download it for free.

As of this writing, the Facebook Messenger Lite APK is only available in selected countries, such as Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Venezuela. But Facebook officials say it will be available in other countries very soon.

How to download Messenger Lite 1.0 on Android

  1. Make sure you have Unknown Source installation option enabled on your Android device. Go to Settings > Developers option > Unknown Source, make sure it is checked.
  2. Download the Messenger Lite 1.0 APK from a reliable online source.
  3. Once download is complete, install the app and wait for the entire process to finish.

If you downloaded the APK file from your PC and transferred it to your phone, use file manager to locate the app and commence installation.

Experience the Messenger Lite 1.0 Difference

  • Because the app is smaller in size, it downloads quickly and installs just as fast.
  • It consumes less storage space, which can’t be said for its predecessor.
  • It uses less data, making it a more efficient choice when on mobile data.
  • It is designed for 2G networks, but works on all networks, including slow or unstable internet connections.
  • You can send text messages, links and photos to contacts using Messenger Lite, Messenger or Facebook Lite.
  • It works with most Android phones, including those with Gingerbread OS.

Suffice to say that Messenger Lite lives up to its name. But you can’t blame Messenger for being the opposite, because it does come with nifty features, such as instant videos. What you use, however, is really up to you.