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Square Enix has been very quiet about the the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy 7 and some fans have just assumed that the developer has cancelled the game but this is not true; the game is still in development, it just wasn’t in a presentable state for an appearance at E3 2016.

Some reports suggest that Square Enix doesn’t want to take any attention away from Final Fantasy which will be released this year. The developer officially stated that they didn’t want to generate too much hype for the game as it could distort the expectations of fans.

While the company is remaining quiet about the upcoming game, they have released some information to keep gamers interested; the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released in three segments. It’s being split three story segments and will still be a full-scale game. Splitting the game into three segments allows the developers to go into more detail with the story and expand on what was originally seen in the first Final Fantasy 7.

The first installment for Final Fantasy 7 will be released in 2017 and it’s expected that the next segments in the story will be released annually; this suggests that each segment will contain a large amount of content for players however this is still uncertain. The RPG nature of the series could place some limitations on how much players can play in each segment of the story.

Square Enix should be releasing more information about this game once Final Fantasy 15 has been released later this year; gamers should expect to see this game returning to E3 in 2017 also.