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There are a good amount of people all over the world who are using the Facebook social network. Today we will talk about the Facebook Lite application that is available for smartphones and we’ll explain you why it’s worth using this version.

It Has Less Than 1MB

First of all, the application has less than 1MB in size and we’re pretty sure that this is great for a person who doesn’t want to waste too much mobile data for an application. It is good to know that the installation file has only 0.5MB! After the installation is complete, you will notice that the application has around 2-3MB in size. The original Facebook installation file has 30MB and after installing it, the application has over 135MB in size.

Low Cache Data

Not many people know about Cache data and this is the reason why we should explain it first. The Cache data refers to the application data which is used to improve the app speed and performance. Whenever you access an application, some cache files are used to load the page faster instead of downloading it again. In other words, this will help to improve the speed and save your net data, but there are also disadvantages, as it will increase your system memory, which may cause your device to be slower than before. In other words, it is very important to delete these cached files from time to time.

Facebook Lite Is Using Less Mobile Data

Facebook Lite is using way less mobile data than the original Facebook application. In other words, the Facebook Lite application is designed in such a way that it uses very less internet data, which means that this application is great for users who don’t have too much mobile data to “waste” for Facebook. Because it requires less internet data, the Facebook Lite application can be used without any problems with a 2GB network.

Low Battery Usage

Facebook Lite is not using as much battery as the original Facebook application. We suggest you to even test it out and see the huge difference between the battery usages on these two applications. You can check the battery usage of these two applications by going to “Power Management”.