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Fans of Clash of Clans will see a new update for the game that will address the problems that have wreaked havoc with the game since the last update had been released. Players know the update was designed to deal with the problems that resulted from the patch but are unsure of how Supercell is going to do this. A few folks believe the update is going to have some changes to its gameplay process.

What You Can Expect With Town Halls

Players hope the update is going to increase the Town Halls lower levels since the previous update was focused primarily on Level 11 and higher Town Halls. The primary problem at the moment is the in-balance during PvP, which is what gamers expect Supercell is going to make changes to, so it’s fixed.

Will There Be Free Gems?

According to a recent report, the newest update is going to let players freely mine for Gems, helping to increase their ranks faster and move up in the rankings.

Are There Going To Be An Improved Spells?

The update is liable to have changes to spells, with a number of being more effective. Rumors suggest there to be changes to Earthquake, Poison and Lightning spells. The update to the spells will ensure more damage to the enemy troops.

Will Adjustments Be Made To Troops?

Witches are thought to be stronger, as prior update had decreased their combat abilities. However, with fans unhappy about those changes, it’s thought the Witches will see some differences. Rumors suggest other troop classes will get some adjustments to them.

Players are also hopeful a new Troop will be introduced to balance the present problems – something Supercell could do for problems that hinder the gameplay.