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Google has just announced at the Pixel event that it will launch a 4k version of its streaming service named Chromecast Ultra. The new Chromecast Ultra generation of devices will be able to stream 4k content – which is the latest available resolution on the market – from media services such as Netflix, Vudu and Youtube.

Sometime later after its launch, perhaps in November, the streaming service will also implement support for Google Play Movies. The Chromecast Ultra streaming service will also support HDR10 video format and Dolby Vision formats, and it will, of course, still mirror content from your Android based device or laptop. Furthermore, it will be able to sync to Google Home.

Google representatives went on to say that the Ultra generation of Chromecast is the fastest one yet and that it doesn’t matter if you own a 4k TV or not because it will still load movies and video content 1.8 times faster than any standard Chromecast. This is due to Google implementing improved Wi-Fi connectivity and the device also has an Ethernet port attached to the power adapter that will help users whose Wi-Fi connections are not able to completely handle 4k content streaming.

However, for its new and improved functionality, the Chromecast Ultra will not differ very much in design when compared to the previous gen of Chromecasts. It will, however have a ‘G’ logo on it instead of a Chrome badge and a HDMI chord.

Now, if you’re already thinking about buying one, you should know that the device is actually two times more expensive than then previous Chromecast. This means that it’s priced at $69.

The expected month for release is November, but Google did not offer information about a precise date. What we also know for sure about the Chromecast Ultra is that it will be available in 15 countries around the world.