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It wasn’t too long ago that the announcement for WhatsApp GIFs was made. People can now develop and send GIFs on their app.  The feature is only seen on the newest WhatsApp Beta for Android devices – downloadable from the Google Play Store.

When you use the WhatsApp BETA, you can record a video and, before you send it to a contact, you may need to change it to a GIF. It won’t be too long that you’ll have the option to send GIFs by choosing them from your gallery.

How Do You Produce and Send GIFs using WhatsApp?

In order to produce a GIF to send to contacts you want, there are four steps you need to follow:

  • Record a video, choosing it from the WhatsApp Gallery
  • Trim video to final six seconds
  • Touch camera icon to make switch over to GIF
  • Press send

Remember, it is still a video internally labeled as GIF to auto-play in loop in the preview. While it’s not an actual GIF, there’s hope that FULL GIF support will be added to the application relatively soon.

Plus, rumors are circulating that WhatsApp developers are hard at work on the Video Calling feature, which is thought to be introduced to the application.

Ready To Install WhatsApp BETA On Your Android Smartphone

If you want to use the WhatsApp beta version, you’ll need to become a tester of the app. Go to Google’s Play Store web page and hit the button for “Become A Tester.” Once you do this, you’ll need to visit the Google Play Store and look for the latest WhatsApp BETA version to install on your Android device.