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This has been a good year for PlayStation 4 owners as various Jailbreaks have been released this year and several of these have been proved to be real; while there are now real Jailbreaks available for users to download an install, there are plenty of fake ones still around.

Fake Jailbreaks are incredibly common and as there is no easy method to install a PS4 Jailbreak, they often flood search engines making it easy to download them. Jailbreaking a console is a very tempting thing to do, it allows users to download any official game or install homebrew apps. Installing a Jailbreak can be tricky and it takes time for hackers to discover new ones as Sony constantly updates their systems.

The security holes and glitches discovered by hackers are always being fixed by Sony; it’s not possible for users to ‘go back’ after the PlayStation Firmware has been updated and many of these only work with older versions of the PlayStation 4 Firmware.

Anyone looking to install a Jailbreak should spend some time researching the file before downloading it; even though it may be a copy of a real jailbreak, the file could still be filled with dangerous malware. Jailbreaks should only be downloaded from the official creator as other sources may contain additional files which shouldn’t be there. When this happens, the files may even work correctly but they can still add a discrete keylogger to devices which can steal passwords or other personal information.

Hackers are still working on the PlayStation 4 and users should expect to see more Jailbreaks being released in the future for the console; it’s difficult to say when an easier way to install Jailbreaks will be released but for now, users will need to follow the instructions set by their creators.