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WhatsApp allows people to talk to their loved ones and friends, which is why it’s an extremely popular mobile messaging app and has more than one billion people using every day. So many people all around the world have installed the application and question the rumors circulating about the Video Calling feature being true.

If it does come to fruition, there will be a new wave of users to the WhatsApp app.

There has been a new WhatsApp BETA released for Android devices, but there’s no new options and features. The version does offer some fixes to bugs that developers found or that users reported. Developers also dealt with the stability issues the application had faced.

Video Calling Feature: Will It or Will It Not Be Offered

Still, no official word on when the Video Calling feature is going to be added to WhatsApp or if it’ll even be offered. However, it’s already been seen in other mobile messaging applications, and, if it doesn’t make its way to WhatsApp, there’s a pretty good chance some users will begin using these other platforms.

How You Can Use and Install WhatsApp 2.16.254 BETA On Android Devices

Remember, this is a BETA version of WhatsApp 2.16.254, which means you can download it from the Google Play Store but must be approved to be a BETA tester. Once you’ve done this, search for the WhatsApp 2.16.254 version, download and install it to the device.

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