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There are a plethora of reports regarding the problems plaguing the Adobe Flash Player as well as reports on the Internet turning its back it. Despite the bad news surrounding the once-popular media player, it’s still being offered by several developers.

Should you consider using it for your Internet surfing needs?

There are several websites that are sticking by Flash Player and, even if you don’t have it installed on your device, you could potentially still be able to load the site. Other sites that use the player may ask that you install the device to view their content – usually in the form of animation or video. It could also be that the page format will be messed up.

Many advertisers still use Adobe Flash Player to target the web audience. And, if you don’t have the player installed on your device, you may not see them. Of course, some advertisers have taken notice of the vast number of folks abandoning Flash and are opting for HTML 5 instead to make their ads work… no matter what the device is.

If you feel confident that the Flash Player plugin won’t be a security problem for your device, you may want to consider still using it. However, it’s important to note that many of the player’s users have been a malware victim after installing fake updates.

There are still a plethora of reasons people are using the Adobe Flash Player, but many developers, websites and browsers are opting for HTML 5 because of the security and convenience it offers to the whole surfing experience. HTML 5 makes sure you don’t miss a whole lot without Flash.

If you really want the AFP plugin, make sure you download the official version from the official website, and taking the steps necessary to ensure your device is protected from possible threats that can occur through the media player.

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