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Clash of Clans inspired the popular video card game Clash Royale and, even though there are several video card games that could be more interesting to play, chances are you’ll like it better than the others.

And, even more so with the news that Clash Royale will get a huge update. What kinds of changes could you expect to see?

Huge Changes In Major Tournaments

Gamers have long complained to the developers about the difficulty of Clash Royale tournaments – both in finding and entering them. And, to make matters worse, it’s extremely difficult to win. This has led to many game players feeling disappointed. It’s believed Supercell is going to listen to the demands gamers have been shouting for – change how the tournaments work.

Changes To Unit Buffs and Nerfs

Clash Royale, like Clash of Clans, is going to get some balance to fix cards that are overly powerful and too weak. The Miki Pekka card is liable to get a nerf since many gamers feel the card is too powerful at the moment.

Changes To Legendary Cards

Right now, it’s difficult to find legendary cards, which is why Supercell should make them easier to get.

When’s The Update Supposed To Happen?

No official word when the update is set to happen, although many had speculated it would take place in September. Fans have said it would take place around the middle of September.