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Google has recently announced Android 7.1 Nougat, which is a great update for the previous Android 7.0, which was previously launched this year. 7.1 brings up some new features for all the devices, but it also includes some special things that are exclusively available just for the Pixel phones produced by Google.

The Pixel phone series will be working with the new launcher called Google Assistant, will introduce unlimited and good quality backup for photos and videos through Google Photos, together with phone/chat tech service. But that’s not all: the new update will also come up with a Smart Storage feature that will automatically remove the photos and videos you backed up when there is no more space on your device.

Besides all the amazing practical changes, they are also bringing some aesthetic ones, such as unique icons for the navigation bar, a dynamic date icon for the calendar and some other options for system themes.

At the same time, the rest of the Android phones will receive a Night Light option, which resembles the Night Shift feature Apple has for their phones, along with improvements in touch and display and gestures for the fingerprint scanner (where this is available). Moreover, developers have also received some enhancements, which might be of great help in their work. It seems that Google is making more steps forward, bringing to their new series of phones the awesome Daydream VR support.

Despite this good news, Google did not release any information regarding the date when Android 7.1 will become available for devices that do not belong to the Pixel series. However, what we do know is the fact that the Pixel phones will be available towards the end of this month, so keep an eye on the store if you’re keen on buying yourself one of the devices.