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There are over a billion users on the WhatsApp application. And, not too long ago, WhatsApp developers released the WhatsApp BETA version for Android smartphones, and it came with a new feature.

2.16.230 is the latest version for WhatsApp, and it comes with the Multiple Forwarding feature that allows users to share and forward messages with many users simultaneously. The feature also has new Scotland and Wales flags.


The WhatsApp 2.16.230 installation file saw an increase of 55KB, with more than 430 modified files that are mostly related to the app’s functions. It has three new icons such as the flags and a small backups icon.

Like anything else, the latest version has some bug repairs and improvements. Bear in mind that since it’s in the BETA stage, there may be some new problems and bugs, which is something that should be reported to developers.

How You Can Install WhatsApp 2.16.230 On You Android Device


If you want to be a BETA tester for the latest WhatsApp BETA, you must first visit Google Play Store and agree to become a tester. After this is done, you need to go to the official Android Store, look for the latest version, download and install it.