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WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that enables people to send free text messages, video and audio files and it’s available across different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows for mobiles and PC.

However, the app does impose some restrictions on its users and some of those said users have come up with several tricks that enable them to go past them by using Cydia tweaks for iOS. The Cydia installer is a app that enables users to find and install software on jailbroken Apple devices such as iPads, iPhones or iPods.

Here are four Cydia tweaks that will enable you to use WhatsApp to its full extent.

Watusi is one of the WhatsApp Cydia tweaks that allows a user to disable certain functions in the messaging app. It comes with a Freeze LastScreen feature that keep the app from showing your Last Seen details, a disable Read Receipts option that keeps other contacts from knowing that you’ve seen their message and a disable option for the typing indicator. It will also enable people to use WhatsApp Web amongst many other useful features.

Another Cydia tweak for WhatsApp is WARecentsUpdates that shows users whenever one of their contacts has updated their status via a notification.

The third Cydia tweak is the WhatsApp stealth mode that essentially hides a user’s online status. It is very similar to Watusi in terms of functionality.

Lastly, there’s OnlineNotify which is somewhat similar to the WARecentsUpdates in the sense that it notifies people when one of their contacts is online. It also enables users keep track of their contacts’ progress and see at what time they get on and off and it also sends a notification whenever a contact starts typing a message for you. This app, however, has to be purchased as opposed to the other three.