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In case you lived under a rock until now, you should know that WhatsApp Messenger is a free instant messaging app that is available for Android, but also for other types of smartphones. It is actually the most popular instant messaging app in the world at the moment, which means it suits people’s needs and knows how to pack its features in a friendly manner.

The best part about WhatsApp is that it’s free, which convinced many people to use it. Basically, you have no subscription fees and it’s totally free if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection. However, you might pay if you’re on your mobile data connection. It has lots of awesome features, including the basic ones such as sending and receiving photos, documents, videos and Voice Messages, allowing for free calls over the Internet, letting you create group chats and so on.

There is also the Web  version of the app which lets you use it on the desktop/laptop without losing any data. It is perfectly synced with the phone, but you just have to keep the app open on it in order to connect.

Another good thing about the app is the fact that the developers are constantly improving it and adding new features. For instance, the latest build they released, 2.16.291 beta, brings you the possibility to forward messages to several chats at the same time, which you couldn’t do before. Moreover, when you select a message to forward it, you will see that the first suggestions are the contacts you chat with frequently.

An interesting improvement the developers added is the fact that now when you record videos, you can zoom in and out simply by sliding your finger up and down. And if you love taking selfies at night, now you can enjoy a front-facing flash when the light is low.