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The latest update for Minecraft (version 1.11) that was teased at the Minecone 2016 event which took place in Anaheim, California now has a detailed list of all of the changes it comes with.

The new update is also called the Exploration update and some of the changes it comes with is the introduction of a new class of mounts – llamas that live in the mountains – that can be grouped together in a caravan whenever a storage solution is needed or simply a defense force.

Minecrafters will also be finding the Cartographer in the library now and he will sell treasure maps. Said maps will display the biome outline of their respective biome. For example, the Ocean exploration map will reveal the Ocean Monuments, whereas the Woodland exploration map will reveal the Woodland Mansions.

The Shulker Box is another new element that is essentially a chest from The End that expands the inventory. It will always keep the items it has inside even if it’s knocked down, thus making it the perfect choice for transporting large amounts of items.

There will also be Illagers in the dungeon and they are quite spooky. They will not tolerate trespassing and players should be prepared for combat if they decide to enter their mansion in order to locate a treasure.

The update comes with many other additions such as cursed enchantments, escape portals in The End, the Observer Block and many more. The Herobrine has been removed, though.

Naturally, this new update comes with many bug fixes and you can check the official list of bug fixes on the Mojang site – the company responsible for the Minecraft game.

Along with this update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition there will also be some changes made to the java version of the game that include a new Observer block

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