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Millions of people have been walking their town holding their phones or tablets capturing Pokémon. Unfortunately, Windows users have been unable to partake in the fun, but that may soon change.

Rumors are circulating that Pokémon Go will be offered for the Microsoft mobile platform in the near future. And, thanks goes out to a Portugal fan who was unable to play. Rafael Pinheiro had made a Facebook post where he complained he and others were unable to play Pokémon Go on their Windows Phone. Pinheiro had said he’d make a switch to another smartphone competitor so that he could play. However, he asked Microsoft to take care of the problem before he did this.


Microsoft replied saying it would be offered relatively soon. However, it may have been too soon for users. Microsoft Portugal said requests for Pokémon Go for Windows Phones had been made. And, the store was trying to find ways in order to make this happen.

Of course, with Microsoft dragging its heels, Microsoft phone users are unhappy with many complaining the company is not meeting their demands, needs and expectations.

Pokémon Go Block Cheaters

And, many have said they would leave the company to find a competitor that does allow them to play Pokémon Go such as Android and iOS devices.

Approximately 85,000 Windows Phone users have signed a petition to make Pokémon Go available on their device, which makes it an extremely important app. And, many in the tech community is wondering why Microsoft hasn’t made the choice to offer it especially since it could lead to a market loss.

In the meantime, Android and iOS users will continue to delight in the joy of catching Pokémon while Microsoft device holders sit and fume.

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