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It appears that Facebook Messenger is not reaching enough users for the social network company and more is needed in order to reach a wider spectrum of audience. As a result, the giant recently launched another messaging app called Messenger Lite that is specifically designed for those devices that are running older versions of Android.

Messenger Lite is directed at those users that opted for a non-premium device and have limited storage and slower internet connections on their devices. It will enable users to send text, photos or links quickly.

The Messenger Lite is more in line with the recent Facebook launch of a stripped down version of the network for the users in the emerging markets. It’s called Facebook Lite and it essentially offers basic features combined with low res images. It’s also smaller than 1 MB in size.

This new and less pretentious Facebook app registered approximately 100 million users per month within nine months of its launch. This makes it a very successful app and the upcoming Messenger Lite is expected to follow the same trend.

Surprisingly enough, the Messenger Lite app is actually bigger in size as opposed to the Facebook Lite app – it’s actually about 10 MB in size. The app is expected to roll out to Android devices very soon, starting with Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Venezuela. Other countries will get it as well afterwards.

The reason why Facebook decided to develop this stripped down messaging app is also presumably due to the fact that another competing messaging service launched a similar app for the same category of users. It’s called Line Lite and it does the same thing.

Facebook had attempted to get to this category of users before by using a text-only version of the website named Facebook Zero that carries on until today.