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Apple fans will definitely go crazy when they’ll find out about the latest tool for jailbreaking iOS 10. Or at least those who use other devices than iPad Touch 6 and iPad Pro, since this tool does not work on them. Besides those, everything from iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and all the models in between back to iPhone 5 (which means iOS 9 and iOS 10.2) are unlockable.

Up until now, many iPhone and iPad users did not want to adopt the latest OS, iOS 10, because there were lots of restrictions and there was no jailbreaking tool. Thankfully, the Unlock-Jailbreak team announced that any device running the iOS 10 will now be able to enjoy the system without restrictions.

The disadvantage when it comes to untethered iPhones is the fact that developers spring into preemptive action, and this is the thing with Cupertino technology. If you remember when a jailbreak exposed the old iOS 9, then you know that Apple just developed some patches and destroyed the jailbreak. There is a chance this might happen with iOS 10 too.

However, we’re sure that many users will still try to jailbreak the phone. And for good reason, since there are lots of interesting stuff: access to Cydia jailbreak store, where you can find cool apps and tweaks, a customized control center for iOS 10, with lots of eye candies and fancy animations, a bonus for Pokemon GO players (GPS spoofing, though this might get you banned from the game, according to developer Niantic) and many others.

Keep in mind that you always need to backup you device before you jailbreak it or you try to unlock it. Also, this is still a third-party app, so this can void you if you’re using iOS 10 devices. Let’s just hope Apple won’t crush your dreams too soon!