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Hangouts has recently become some sort of lumbering beast that is left behind when it comes to technological advancement and evolution, mainly because Google has added multiple messaging protocols and lots of features with small applicability to it. But it seems that the company wants to fix this mistake and they have recently launched Google Allo, a new messaging app. It is simpler and faster and more than this, it has a Google Assistant incorporated. But let’s see pros and cons for each of them.

  • There are many differences in how Allo manages chats in comparison to Hangouts. The common thing for both apps would be that you can start chatting with any group or contact in Allo. However, the Google Assistant pays attention to your conversations and offers Smart Reply suggestions in case you need them.
  • Allo offers a straightforward way of setting up the app: you just have to use your phone number instead of a Google account. Just confirm your number and Allo will send an activation SMS. However, Hangouts is not that complicated either, since you just have to log in to your Google account. At the same time, Hangouts allows you to use several accounts, but Allo just uses your phone number, so you can only have one account per number.
  • Message settings and other features. Both Hangouts and Allo offer read receipts, but Hangouts does have small issues with the avatar they use to move along as the other person reads your messages. Sometimes it seems to hop around and it doesn’t look like it’s always accurate. On the other hand, Allo offers a system which is similar to WhatsApp’s, meaning you have a hollow circle that fills up.

All in all, it remains to be seen how many people will stick to the good old Hangouts and how many will try something new with Allo.