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Players have been making claims about having captured or obtained legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go ever since the game was first released several months ago; some of these claims have been recognized as being true but most are confirmed to be fake.

The popular legendary bird Articuno, was sighted in the game not too long ago where a player placed it to defend a Pokemon Gym; this was seen and documented by a large number of players. According to the player with the Articuno, it was gifted to them by Niantic as an apology for the server issues that had plagued the game. Niantic later released an update to remove all legendary Pokemon from the game which further solidified that a real Articuno had been let into the game.

While legendary Pokemon may have been in the game for a short while, they were quickly removed by Niantic and currently there is no way to capture them. The developers still haven’t officially announced when legendary Pokemon will be added to the game but they have confirmed that they will be arriving soon.

Pokemon Go players have been waiting anxiously for the release of the final first generation Pokemon and Niantic has released some details about this. The developer has explained that they have plans for various events where new Pokemon will be released into the world; these events will take place all around the world and at the exact same moment in time.

Players can also expect to see legendary Pokemon being released very soon. According to rumors, the second generation of Pokemon will be released early next year which gives Niantic a very limited time frame for the release of Ditto and the legendary Pokemon.

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