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Due to the Clash of Clans success, Clash Royale has become an extremely popular card game for mobile devices. And, it recently got an update that will address some OP cards that gamers had taken advantage of.

Game players recently received a message that developers were working on an update that would be released shortly and offer some changes to better the gameplay.


The developer mentioned the update would ensure several legendary cards will be easily accessible. The latest update would bring out new cards, and other cards would get balance tweaks.

There was no mention on what cards would be changed, but gamers have suggested the Mini Pekka card is one of these cards. Right now, the card offers a significant amount of damage.

On top of that, there’s been a leak about the update on the Internet, which says the Knight card is getting a four percent health increase as the Giants and Barbarians cards will get a four percent and nine percent health decrease.


Miners will see a three percent reduction in damage and Bowers will get a three percent increase in damage.

There’s a lot of things that are changing in the Clash Royale game, but it was an expected update with developers needing to balance the game to let players use the various strategies.  There’s been no news on if a new card will be introduced, but chances are this will happen in the future.

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