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Several months ago, a player released a video claiming that they had captured a real Mewtwo in the game; other players of the game were quickly able to debunk this as a fake video. Details in the supposedly real video didn’t match up to the actual game which has led players to accept it as a fake and news about this video quickly died down.

While this was accepted as fake, Niantic released a new trailer for Pokemon Go a short time later which has been steadily raising excitement ever since. According to this new trailer, players will be able to capture the legendary Mewtwo at Times Square in New York City. Since the release of this trailer, Niantic has been silent about other capture locations for this famous Pokemon.

There are no legendary Pokemon in the game right now and all claims of catching a ‘real’ mewtwo are fake; Mewtwo is not currently available for players to catch but the coding for it is in the game. Each legendary Pokemon is listed in the coding of the game and Niantic has revealed in the past that they are planning to release them very soon.

It’s currently thought that legendary Pokemon will be released into the world later this year as the second Generation of Pokemon is rumored for release next Spring; some reports claim that players can expect to see them being released some time between March and May. This has not been confirmed however.

Currently, players cannot capture Mewtwo or other legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go but Niantic has assured players that this will be coming to the game very soon.

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