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WhatsApp makes communicating with friends, family, acquaintances and other people in your network so much easier, and at no cost. But there’s still room for improvement, and this is exactly what the WhatsApp for iOS update brings.

Devices running iOS 10 are in for a treat with the latest version of the messaging app, regardless if you prefer to chat or call.

WhatsApp for iOS Update Features

Answer WhatsApp calls directly

That is, you can now answer a WhatsApp call right from the lockscreen. This means, your iOS device will receive WhatsApp calls even when the app is not open. This is made possible through iOS 10’s CallKit that supports third-party apps to run on the platform.

Turn Siri into a PA

Again, thanks to the CallKit integration, you can now maximize Siri’s function. Through the WhatsApp app, you can tell Siri to send a message or make a phone call. The process of sending messages is similar to the way the iPhone messaging app works with Siri. A separate window will open to show you a preview of the message, allowing you to review it before sending it off.

This move is a realization of Apple’s early plan to integrate Siri into a wide range of chat apps. In fact, you can now tell Siri to call you a cab through the Uber app.

WhatsApp by association

You also have an option to set WhatsApp as a default app for communicating with a particular person in your contact list. This would prove very convenient if that individual often uses the WhatsApp app to get in touch with you. Because the iPhone will remember your preference, you won’t have to repeat the process again and again.

Easy-access widget

The latest update will also bring to iOS device features that already exist in the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows mobile phone. One of these is a widget that lets you check unread message and jump to the latest chat threads without opening the app. This will shorten the access time and process, making the WhatsApp experience so much better. The widget is one of the highly appreciated features on the WhatsApp iOS 10 update.