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The PlayStation 4 Pro is due for released in November and Sony has been quite forthcoming with the details for their upcoming console; so far, it looks very underwhelming. While the Xbox Scorpio was announced earlier this year, Microsoft is yet to reveal their new console and very details about it are currently available.

Microsoft claims that their console will be much more powerful and will be the most powerful console ever created; this is a very bold claim and the company is yet to reveal anything that supports this. What we do know however is that the Scorpio will contain 6TFLOPS of GPU power while the PS4 Pro will only have 4.2.

The exact specifications of the Xbox Scorpio are still unknown but the PlayStation 4 Pro has already been revealed. The new PS4 Pro is almost identical to the original PS4 however, it’s GPU power has been tripled to allow it to run games at 4K resolution. The upcoming PlayStation console has also been confirmed to run VR games in 4K resolution and will be compatible with the PlayStation VR headset.

Xbox Scorpio on the other hand, will not have an exclusive VR headset, the console has been confirmed to work with the Oculus Rift and also the HTC Vive; in addition to this, Microsoft has already stated that there will be no Scorpio exclusive first party games.

It’s difficult to make any judgments right now considering the Xbox Scorpio still hasn’t been revealed but this console is scheduled for a late 2017 release date while the PS4 Pro will be released next month. There’s a large gap between the two consoles and it will be interesting to see how the PS4 Pro does at launch.