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PS4Portal have previously created jailbreaks for the PlayStation 3 and have a history of working on hacking the PlayStation consoles; the team has been working on the Sony consoles for over a decade now and they claim to have finally cracked the PlayStation 4.

Their website states that the team has been working hard on cracking the console and had been working on the jailbreak ever since Firmware 4.00 was released for the console; each update from Sony fixes glitches and security holes that were being used by hackers to create a way to jailbreak the device. The team has released the information so all users can jailbreak their device once again and gain access to every PlayStation 4 game ever released.

Installing jailbreaks on consoles is never an easy process but PS4Portal has provided in-depth details on how to do this; their website explains that users need to install it on their PC first before transferring it to the console using a USB. This hack allows users to download any game for free an install a range of homebrew games or apps.

Various comments on their website suggest that this jailbreak is real and works however some users claim that the hack is a fake.

When downloading any jailbreak, it’s important to research it before hand as most so called hacks or jailbreaks are actually fake. These fake files can contain malicious viruses or malware which can seriously harm devices or install keyloggers to obtain passwords or personal information.

When new glitches or security holes are discovered, Sony will patch over the issue as quickly as possible; if this is a real jailbreak then users should expect Sony to quickly fix whatever was allowing it to work.