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Niantic has been much more open about their plans for the future of Pokemon Go; the developer has revealed that they have plans to bring new content to the game such as Pokemon Trading and also Trainer Battles. While the developer has been more open, they haven’t officially revealed when the next generation of Pokemon will be added to the game.

Before the next generation of Pokemon is added to the game, there are still Pokemon that need to be made available to complete the first generation. Rumors suggest that Ditto and the Generation 1 legendary Pokemon will be released into the world later this year however, it’s unknown exactly how Niantic will do this.

The developer has revealed in the past that they will host various simultaneous events around the world when new Pokemon are released. This will most likely happen for legendary Pokemon and Generation 2 Pokemon.

It’s currently thought that the next generation will also contain some region exclusive Pokemon however, it’s uncertain exactly how they will be added to the game. Some rumors suggest that there may be several non-legendary Pokemon being held back from release with this generation also.

Rumors state that Pokemon Go: Generation 2 will be introduced next year and will only happen after the legendaries from Generation 1 have been released. Some of these rumors suggest that the next wave of Pokemon will be released some time between March and May but this has not been confirmed by Niantic just yet.

The developer is keeping the release date for Pokemon Go: Generation 2 very quiet and players should expect the team to start talking about this more towards the end of the year.