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When Niantic made their servers more difficult to access, the developer essentially wiped out the population of third-party apps that had sprung up around the game. These apps were created so that users would actually have a tracking system for finding Pokemon local to them; Niantic is still yet to add a working tracking system to the game and players are desperate.

It looks like two third-party apps have still managed to avoid Niantic’s gaze and players are still able to access and use them both.


This app is exclusive to Android devices and players need to download this in order to use it; using this app is considered to be quite ‘risky’ as players need to sign into it with their Pokemon Go details. The app displays the nearby Pokemon on a Google Map and also provides the duration for how much longer they’ll be there. As a bonus, the map also shows users where PokeStops and Gyms are in different areas.


While PokeMesh is limited to Android devices, PokeWhere is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers almost all the same features. It allows players to track Pokemon on their phones through a Google Map and also shows the duration that Pokemon will be there for.

There is always a risk involved when downloading a third-party Pokemon Go app and Niantic is banning anyone who uses these applications now; the company is still tweaking their servers so it’s possible that they could both go offline as a result.

For now, PokeWhere seems to be slightly ‘safer’ but installing and using either of these apps is still very risky for users to do.

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