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These days, iPhone is one of the most secure phones that you can get. However, Apple’s security is far from perfect. As proof for that, iOS 10 was already jailbroken, even though the jailbreak was not released for the public. This means that the code has some vulnerabilities that various hackers can use to access your phone. A company that sells such exploits has just raised the bug bounty for zero-day attacks on iPhone, which is the kind of attacks that Apple hasn’t discovered yet, to $1.5 million. Talk about incentives.

Zerodium is an exploit broker in fact, that added this year $500,000 to the last year’s amount of $1 million as bounty for such hacks. According to a report by Wired, anybody who can remotely jailbreak an iPhone that has iOS 10 will receive this stunning amount.

Back in 2015, Zerodium offered $500,000 for whoever found bugs in iOS 9. In comparison, bugs for Android and Windows Phone were only rewarded with up to $100,000, so much less than the Apple ones. This year, if you hack the Android 7.0 Nougat, you can earn yourself up to $200,000. Under these circumstances, iOS 10 is still the most lucrative possibility, but also the hardest one.

Chaouki Bekrar, who is the founder of the company, declared for Wired that they have increased the price due to the fact that both iOS 10 and Android 7 have increased their security measures. He added that they would like to attract and stimulate more researches all throughout the year. Bekrar is also the founder of the French haking company Vupen, and said that most of Zerodium’s clients consist in governments and corporations from North America. Moreover, Vupen also has its own software intrusion techniques which they reserve for private clients, which are mostly governments.