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When it comes to mobile phone operating systems, there are three names that remain significant: Apple, Google and Microsoft. These are the three big players in terms of mobile technology. In this particular article, we will take a look at the three latest operating systems: iOS 10, Android Nougat and Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

iOS 10

iPhones are known to have clear images, thanks to its camera but with the latest iOS update, management of the photos have been improved. Photos is now capable of grouping faces and creating a slideshow, a feature that Google Photos already offer. As for the assistant software, with Apple being the pioneer, Siri can now be used with third-party apps, making it possible for users to use non-exclusive Apple apps. In terms of messaging, the iOS 10 comes with improvements. Now, message threads can include animations and icons as well as send handwritten messages for a personal touch.

While the interface is somewhat similar to iOS 9 with the latest update presenting an improved 3D Touch feature. This will allow the user to access important functions without opening the apps but instead, widgets will be available.

Android Nougat

Android still remains to be the most popular OS because of the number of Android phone users worldwide and Google made sure that it does not make it easy for its rivals. The Android Nougat 7.0 or Android N is the latest OS update for Android phones. Launched last August 22, this OS boasts of better features than its predecessor, Marshmallow 6.0. It comes with a multi-window mode as well as split-screen multi-tasking features for improved user experience. In the first mode, the user can use two different apps simultaneously. Another significant addition is “Android Instant Apps” in which the user can use an app without having to install it and afterwards, it can be discarded. Moreover, there is the “Doze” on-the-go feature that is useful in saving battery life, quick settings menu and new notifications. These are features not enjoyed in iOS.

Two other notable features of the Android N is the new icon shortcuts similar to the iOS app user have been familiar with and the other one is the integration of Google Assistant with the new stand-alone messaging app of Google, the in-app, Allo that lets the user search the internet and even play videos without having to leave the app. In terms of notifications, Google has taken it up a notch with a new font as well as the bigger space it occupies in the screen. And just like the iOS, notifications can now be bundled together according to the app. One intriguing question, though. In terms of OS crashes, which between iOS and Android N suffer more frequently?

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Some of the features users can expect include the Windows Hello authentication features, a new Windows Store look and an enhanced Cortana. It also supports voice-assistant interactions even while the screen is locked and is able to show some notifications from apps even on Lock-Screen. As opposed to Android N, in terms of home screen, this OS supports folders and live tiles, very typical of Windows. Some observers find it more confusing.  It also has two main screens while Android N is capable of allowing several.

On top of the numerous features of Windows 10, some of the significant ones are the new and playful emojis, new apps that include a screen sketch app that allows the user to scribble notes on screen shots and the Windows Ink feature. This is designed to be pen and stylus friendly.