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iOS 10 has already been released even if it is still in beta version but rumors about the existence of the iOS jailbreak tool have already surfaced. This was ignited when independent hacker, Lucas Todesco, came up with what is apparently a jailbroken iPhone 7.

This is definitely good news to the jailbreak community but as it turns out, people are not happy about it because the said jailbreak tool is believed to be fake. Some think that it was edited since the picture he posted on Twitter including an installed Cydia 1.1.26 that is already working. What makes it more controversial is that there have been talks that the Italian developer and hacker will not be releasing it to the public. For now, all is considered hearsay and has no bearing.

Despite the rumors and with some spectators being frustrated with Todesco, there are also those who emphasize that the Italian hacker is a researcher and that he is out there only to prove that the iOS is not as secure as most people think. But according to Todesco, the existence of the jailbreak tool is legit. He said that his is interested to deliver it via the very own browser of iOS, the “Safari”.

“I plan on doing Safari research at some point but right now I’m all about KPP/iPhone 7 memory protections.”

Is the iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Still Significant?

Recent developments about the iOS are the two updates released by Apple, including the iOS 10.0.2 and it was said to have been released to iron out some glitches, particularly the one concerning the audio and the malfunctioning Lightning headphones in iPhone 7 models. Critics are saying that since there are no security issues attributed to it and that hackers planning to get into the iOS 10 should be somehow affected with it.

Since the latest update will come with a tweaked OS infrastructure, it might be possible that security issues, if any, have been addressed. And now that recent updates are out, is there really a need for an iOS 10 jailbreak tool?