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  1. Photo editing. If you love taking photos with your phone, you’ll be glad to know that finally, Apple introduced in their latest devices, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the possibility to capture images in RAW format. This is great if you want to edit images either on the phone or on the desktop.
  2. Optimizing storage. Control your storage options by going to Settings/ Music and swipe down until you see the Optimize Storage menu. Choose just how much space from your available one can be taken in order to store the music.
  3. Write notes by hand. If you want a more personal touch to your notes, you can hold the device in landscape position when you’re in Messages. The integrated keyboard in iOS 10 will show a squiggly line at the bottom and you just have to tap it in order to send handwritten notes to contacts.
  4. Uber and ridesharing. Thankfully, now iOS 10 supports ridesharing apps like Uber, together with some useful improvements. You can just launch Maps, search for the destination, tap on Get Directions and then Get a Ride. Then you only have to choose the favorite app.
  5. Open Camera right from Lock Screen. If you need to take a picture right now, you can just open the Camera app right from the lock screen, instead of wasting time with unlocking the phone. Just swipe left on the screen.
  6. Block spam calls. Most mobile phone users that have upgraded to iOS 10 noticed that when an unknown number is calling, one that you don’t have in your address book, you have to option to add it in the do-not-call list or not. Just go to Settings/ Phone/ Call Blocking and Identification and see what options you have there. Choose the ones that fit you best and you’re set to go.