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Grand Theft Auto fans can rejoice at the latest news from Rockstar, the developer has finally confirmed that the Biker DLC will be released very soon. The GTA 5 Online Update being referred to as ‘Bikers’ will finally be released October 4th.

The DLC was first noticed by fans in July who were looking into the coding for the DLC that was released earlier that month. Its release date has been speculated for several months and now Rockstar has finally confirmed that it does exist.

Developer Rockstar has revealed that this new DLC will contains competitive and co-operative gameplay opportunities for players. Players will be able to form motorcycle gangs and customize their group through a variety of options to make them unique from the other gangs of players that will be traveling the roads and causing trouble.

It’s been confirmed that players will soon be able to fight each other from the back of their motorcycles; players will be able to melee each other while riding and use melee weapons which will allow for some interesting gang vs gang warfare.

Naturally, players can also expect to see more weapons, vehicles, clothing and some new multiplayer modes being added this week. These new additions will most likely be related to the new biker gang additions and players should expect to see a range of new motorcycles being added also.

The Biker DLC will be a free to download update that all users will be able to download this week; from October 4th, players should expect to see more motorcycle gangs riding the streets of Los Santos or running underground Motorcycle Clubs.