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Even though Google Play improved their ways of dealing with malware-infected and malicious apps in the past few years, this doesn’t mean that their defense is perfect. There still are some bad apps infiltrated in the Store, sneaking beyond the inspection process. As it seems, there are now 400 such apps hosted by the biggest Android app store in the world, according to a report by the cyber security company TrendLabs.

It deserves to be mentioned that the experts working for the company only looked for apps that were infected with DressCode malware. This are in fact apps that seem to do no harm, but they actually hide some malicious code or hide code that lets your phone download the malicious one. After you install one of these, they can spy on your activities and even forward data from the networks you connect to, despite them being protected.

One of the apps TrendLabs showed as being malicious seemed to be a Grand Theft Auto V mod for another game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It was downloaded 500,000 times from the Store and once installed, it connected to a server which was under the control of some evil developers. After that, it could cause all sorts of issues: it shared data from the device and from networks and it used the phone as an entry point for other additional attacks on other networks. Thankfully, Google declared that they already know about this and their team is working hard to get rid of what shouldn’t be in the Store.

Earlier in 2016, another cybersecurity company declared that they identified around 350 apps that were infected with a different type of malware on the Play Store. However, this problem doesn’t appear only in Google Store, since in the online environment there are more than 3,000 malicious apps.

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