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A lot of avid Nokia users are looking forward to have the WhatsApp mobile application on their devices. In fact, many have been wondering if the Nokia Asha 200 or other Java phones will ever have this app.

Well, it is pretty simple to install but you have to follow a number of sequences to be able to download it successfully on a Nokia Asha 200.

  1. Download a Couple of Files

Here are two links that you can paste on your browser: or

  1. Copy the Downloaded Files on Memory Card

You can use a USB cord to copy these files from your computer to any memory card. Then, you have to copy the said files on your phone in the Games or Applications folder. Just don’t open the files as of the moment, but you have to delete the source where you have kept them first.

  1. Look for the Options Button

Note that the Options bar is located on the left side of the Nokia Asha device. Then, you should tap the button to open the options tab.

  1. Update to the Current Version

The app will then connect to the Internet and download its most recent version. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to open the file. Just install the app by choosing Yes.

  1. Input Your Mobile Phone Number

The WhatsApp screen will ask for your approval to continue updating the notifications enabler. If you do, simply press Yes. After which, you will be taken to a new page to input your mobile number. Simply disregard the first zero of the sequence of numbers. Then, you will be asked to confirm when it requires to send a verification SMS to your mobile number.

Just follow the few remaining tips to conclude the set of instructions. After installing WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 200, you will be on your way to enjoy its benefits.