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  1. Reading a message without letting the sender know you read it. There are many situations when you don’t want the other person to know that you read their message, and thankfully there is a way to do that. When you get the notification of the message, do not open it, but turn on the airplane mode. This will turn off the Wi-Fi connection and mobile data. Then open WhatsApp and read the message, after which you should completely close the app and turn off Airplane mode.
  2. Bold, italicize or strikethrough words. If you want to send a special message, you have to know that you can bold, italicize or strikethrough your text. For bold, you have to place asterisks before and after the word. For italics, place underscores on either side of the word, and for strike use the symbol that looks like a wavy dash before and after the word.
  3. How not to use giant hearts. A simple hack to avoid the giant heart that appears when you enter the emoji on its own, without any words, is to stop using the red heart emoji and use a different color one. The blowing up feature is only for the red heart.
  4. Use WhatsApp on the computer. Maybe you want to work on something at the computer but at the same time chat with friends or work colleagues. This was something hard to achieve until now, but thankfully WhatsApp has recently launched a Web service for the popular instant messaging app. Now the messages you send will be fully synced between the mobile device and the computer, which lets you use them at the same time or alternatively, whatever you want. Keep in mind that in order to use the PC version, you have to keep the phone awake and to open the app, even if it’s in the background.