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Every time a new update comes out, people are always eager to find out what’s new, or which features have been improved. It’s not always a case of bug fixes, although minor fixes are standard for most updates.

In the case of the WhatsApp updates for Android, there’s more to every new version than just fixes, minor or otherwise.



  • A new beta test version will allow users to doodle and draw on an image before it’s sent, according to Android Police.
  • A selection of new stickers can be slapped on images.
  • Freestyle writing will soon come to WhatsApp on Android.
  • New emojis, nearly similar to iOS 10 emojis, will be included in the beta update.
  • Public group links will be live in the beta version.

These features won’t be available in a one-time update, but they are coming. And the emojis are likely to become the most awaited. Who doesn’t like to better convey their feelings through an appropriate emoji?

What’s great about the new iOS 10-like emojis on WhatsApp Android is that male emojis will now have female counterparts. It’s a move that is reflective of how one of the most popular messaging apps is embracing diversity.

There’s an emoji for a female weightlifter, swimmer, runner, skateboarder and basketball player. There’s also one for a policewoman, and even parents of the same gender.

But one of the more interesting emojis is the water gun emoji, which is nothing new, especially with iOS 10 users, but definitely a welcomed feature in WhatsApp for Android. In accordance to the rules of the tech industry group that approves emoji, the Unicode Consortium, the water gun emoji depicts the use of a toy gun instead of a gun.


The new emojis boast of a redesigned look, giving them that distinguished 3D appearance. Some are already present in Android Nougat, while others will be available on Unicode’s Emoji 4.0 update that will be happening in November.

Apart from the new emojis, the latest WhatsApp update for Android may soon allow you to send them in a larger format as well. What’s not to love about the new beta version?

If you’re having trouble installing the latest WhatsApp update for Android, check this out.