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Despite the many messaging services that came out over the years, Skype maintains its place in the world of communication tools. It remains a preferred application in business, especially now that there are Skype-compatible tools that make business meetings a breeze.

The latest Skype update for iOS shows it can keep up with the continuously evolving innovations of today. It brings to the iOS app a host of new features, and optimizations for iOS 10.

Contact information support

Skype’s latest version makes improvements in the iOS contacts app. You now have an option to store Skype contact details for existing people on your contact list, or create a new one based purely on Skype information.

CallKit integration

Skype now supports the iOS’ CallKit, turning Skype calls similar to regular calls. That is, you can now place a Skype call with or without the need to open the app, because you can do so through the iOS phone app, the Contacts app, or by simply telling Siri to “Call Ben Cole”, or “Call Sarah David”. As long as Skype information about Ben and Sarah are saved in your contact information, you can call them through Skype as you would regular calls.

Incoming Skype calls would also appear on your iOS device’s screen in an interface almost identical to regular phone calls. This makes the experience native and seamless.

With Skype contacts stored right on your iOS device, it will be “easier to initiate a Skype video call, audio call, or even a Skype IM, without having to go into the app first”.

The CallKit integration also makes it possible for you to receive alerts for incoming Skype calls using CarPlay, a hands-free tool you can use when driving. Previously, when CarPlay is activated, Skype notifications are muted. But not with the CallKit integration.

Siri’s integration with Skype was made possible when Apple opened up Siri to third-party developers via API. Microsoft didn’t waste time in taking advantage of this.

The next round of Skype updates sometime in October are said to be coming to Business users. This would definitely transform business communication using either an iOS or Android device. Speaking of which, Skype’s update on Android devices brings support to Bots. Learn more.