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Mewtwo and Mew are two of the rarest Pokemon, which is why they are legendary in rank, and are quite hard to find and catch. They’re one of the few monsters where you keep saying “you gotta catch ‘em all”, without actually catching either one of them

It isn’t entirely impossible to find them, however. So don’t lose hope.

How to Find Mewtwo and Mew

Similar to other Pokemon in the wild, finding a rare type is about taking the right approach and creating the appropriate strategies.

Know their natural habitats

Fire Pokemon, for example, is often found in warmer places or areas with a dry climate, sand at the beach and similar locations. In Pokemon Go, Fire monsters can be found in residential areas and neighborhoods as well. This makes it easy for trainers to enjoy the augmented reality game without the need to travel far or go up a volcano.

Based on Mewtwo’s history in Bulbapedia, you are likely to find it deep in the jungles or something similar, as this is where a pregnant Mew lived before it was taken out of its habitat to be experimented on. In the animated series, the Mewtwo can be found in the Cerulean Cave and will only show itself to a trainer who has proven their skills in the Indigo Plateau.

Understand their type

Mewtwo and Mew are psychic Pokemon. Their moves include confusion, future sight, psycho cut, and many others. They are immune to nothing, which is quite worrisome, and they’re resistant to rock and fighting under normal battle conditions, especially in Generation VI. If you take the time to study Mewtwo and Mew closely, you will have an idea of where to find them, and what you must do to catch them.

In the game Pokemon Go, there is only a limited number of information about Mew and its clone Mewtwo. This is why you must study them as much as you can, so you’ll know how to find and catch them.

You may also need to collect all 150 Pokemon, or complete a Pokedex, before you can find and catch legendary monsters, according to a Pokemon Go update on catching Mewtwo. Well, think of the 150 monsters as your training ground.