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Unfortunately for the upcoming Surface Pro 5 enthusiasts, it appears that there is a consensus among tech analysts that the highly anticipated October launch of the device will not take place.

One of those publications that have reported this is iDigitalTimes and they even listed a number of reasons why the launch will not take place. One of the more obvious reasons is the fact that Microsoft hasn’t said anything about it so far. Before the Surface Pro 4 was revealed last year, Microsoft teased about it a little bit in month previous to its release which was September.


However, while there is nothing official about the device, there are many rumors about its specs and it is believed to come with the latest processor from Intel, Kaby Lake which is expected to come out very soon and they are also believed to ensure greater battery life for the device.

The specs that are believed to define this generation of device and to set it apart from the previous ones are the inclusion of a magnetic pen and a screen that supports 4k content.

Some tech analysts believe that the standard Surface Pro 5 will not offer a 4k Ultra HD screen, but that this will be a paid-for upgrade, much like what HP and Lenovo are doing.

However, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to go against the MacBook Pro 2016 from Apple on the market share even though there are different types of devices – the first one is a tablet hybrid while the other is a notebook. Given this situation, there is really no reason for Microsoft to rush the development of the device and offer something less impressive that would not stand a chance against Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 which is rumored to be released sometime this October or November.