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These days, you don’t need to download movies and TV shows to watch them. Unless, you really want to for non-stop playback. You simply need to stream online. With the number of apps available, you will be spoilt for choice. For Android devices, for example, you can choose among ShowBox, Popcorn Time and HD Cinema.

Want to go with ShowBox?

Know that people often ask whether or not it is safe to download the app to your Android device.

Yes. It is safe.

What you need to know about ShowBox

ShowBox is not torrent. So even if you download files, you are well-protected, since you are not downloading torrent files that are often infected. Ever tried opening torrent files only to be prompted by your anti-virus that an infected file is detected and is being quarantined? This won’t happen with ShowBox.

As an online streaming and downloading app, ShowBox automatically connects you to the app’s server. It’s normal to think that you might be vulnerable, considering that you have no idea if the data stored in the server are virus-free, or that you won’t open lines for exploit.

But you’re most vulnerable when you download something, so you might reconsider doing this. Then again, it’s not torrent.

Streaming, on the other hand, may leave you open to hacking. But not when you download the updated version of the app. Because the ShowBox server will ask you to upgrade the app to the latest version each time a new one comes out, you are assured of an updated version, which has been one of the most effective ways to keep cyber threats out of your system.

Privacy concerns

Like most mobile apps, ShowBox also requires access permissions for certain content in your mobile device. Access permissions are usually cause for privacy concerns, but not with the movie and TV streaming app.  It would only require permission to the following:

  • A device’s state and identity

This is standard for most apps, and helps identify if your Android device is compatible with the app.

  • Approximate and precise location

Your location tells ShowBox items that are popular in your area, and one that you might be interested in as well.

  • Internal or USB storage content

The app needs this to determine how to manage and read content when you download files. Do you want movies or TV shows saved in your internal drive or USB storage?

  • Full network access

The app would have to view all network connections available to know which one it can use to access the internet.

Based on these access requirements, there is no need to worry about anyone or anything invading your privacy.

Moreover, ShowBox takes into account possible health implications for watching too many movies and TV shows on your mobile device. It delivers media in night effect mode, preventing eye strain, especially when using the app under low lighting, dim or no lights at all.

Find out how to stream TV series on Android, and get ShowBox.