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With so many VR headsets to choose from on the market whether they are mobile based like the Samsung one or stand-alone ones like the Oculus Rift, it was about time for Sony to get in on the fun as well.

The company will presumably launch its PlayStation VR headset on the 13th of October and several leaks have surfaced online about the upcoming specs for the device, including its price.

The PlaySation VR headset comes with its own small game console whose processor functions like an intermediary between the PS4 console and the headset. Basically, the console owner will connect the wires from the VR headset to the miniature console’s Processor Unit, which will then be attached to an actual, normal PlayStation 4 console.

The device is reportedly priced at $400 which is actually a pretty good deal for those who already own Sony PS4 consoles considering the prices for Oculus Rift headsets, for example, which are sold for $600.

The Sony PS VR headset is believed to be launched along with the slimmer and improved PlayStation 4 Neo. While not much is known about the upcoming console, what we do know is that it’s supposed to be a revamped version of the original PS4.

Supposedly, it will come with improved specs and it will be aimed at the high-end game console consumers. One of those improved specs includes a better processor that will enable the device to render 4k content which is the best type of resolution available at the moment.

Another highly anticipated console that will soon compete with the PS4 Neo on the console market is Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio which was confirmed to come with better specs than the ones found on this soon to be launched Sony console. The Xbox Scorpio (which is scheduled for launch in 2017) will also be capable of supporting 4k content so the console competition may end up being fierce.